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Key feminists who ignited the second wave women's movement: Feminists Who Changed America 1963-1975 now available
WHRC Microfilm Collections available: Women and Health/Mental Health, Women and Law, Herstory
"Accomplishing the Impossible": Laura X's Memoir Published

March 8: International Women's Day

See STATE LAW CHART, published to the Web for the first time


. . . To make intimate relationships truly egalitarian

A network sustained by and about member subscribers working together for everyone everywhere


(Address deleted 11/25/2005)

Please make check payable to:
For charitable contribution deductions: SFWC Date/Marital Rape Education Project
For business/research deductions: National Clearinghouse on Marital and Date Rape

10/22/2000 NEWSFLASH: We have folded our non-profit ( SFWC/DMREP), therefore, all work will be done by the freelance consulting/speaking project of Laura X (National Clearinghouse on Marital and Date Rape / Women's History Library).  Your subcriptions to our consulting / strategy / research / advocacy services are most welcome, as ever, for the same fee structure since 1978!

We will no longer be able to provide volunteer internships or charitable deductions for contributions, but business deductions for services and orders for materials will still be fine if appropriate to you.  Grants and speaker's fees would be to Laura as an individual, to carry on the work.

We are leaving this homepage and website intact for historical purposes, so you will know what we accomplished so far, and the services we still provide.

UPDATE NOTE FOR 2004: from January we are not taking subscriber/contacts or materials orders any more.  This website is for historical purposes only about our work, the data, and to be used as links to others in the field.  Laura basically retired 3 years ago and wishes everyone well.

REFERRAL NOTE: if you need free and immediate assistance, call 1-800-799-SAFE (National Domestic Violence Hotline) or 1-800-656-HOPE (for RAINN - Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network.)

Our mission is to bring about social, legal, political, psychological, economic, and religious change through our vast resource network of information and support, in order to make intimate relationships truly egalitarian.

ACCOMPLISHMENTS: We are most well known for so transforming the attitudes in this country (by our 20-year campaigns to change customs, policies, behaviors and laws) that we were able to make marital/cohabitant/date rape a crime in all fifty states, at least where force is used. (1993) All the governments in the U.N. voted in Beijing in 1995 to abolish the marital privilege to sex on demand from wives. This is testimony to our world-wide movement's strength.

CHALLENGE GRANTS: We have been challenged to raise $10,000 by two grantors who, in turn, will give us $5,000 jointly for putting together in a Filemaker Pro 3 Database of all the women, men and organizations in our NETWORK OF SURVIVORS, ACTIVISTS, ADVOCATES, AND ALLIES. This funding opportunity is unique in our history as a grassroots volunteer network. With your help in spreading the word, we will succeed.

PHONE CONSULTATIONS: for information, statistics, laws and interpretations of them, strategies to change laws and customs/policies/attitudes, referrals and DOCUMENT SEARCH AND DELIVERY services for SUBSCRIBERS on a fee basis of $7.50 per 15 minutes of time we spend in your behalf on -- or off -- the phone, until someone else funds us to work for you!

Phone calls and shipping will need to be collect or reimbursed. Copying is 25 cents per page, faxing is $2 per page, scanning is $4 per page. We may also charge for special email (including attachments) transmittals.

VOLUNTEER INTERNS are welcome year round. They will help with specific individuals court and campus cases, as well as research certain topics of their interest and do a great deal of outreach to update the information about people in our network. (See our internship information.)

SPEAKERS AND TRAININGS are also available at individual shelter and crisis center levels, as well as for state coalitions and conferences. and there is regular touring of and consulting with campuses. (See especially information about Laura X and the speaking program.)

ADVERTISE your books and services with us. a) $30 per title per event (conferences, speaking engagements or trainings.) You provide books and brochures. b) $30 for 100 flyers to go individually in our outgoing mail which is specifically selected for you.

PUBLICATIONS AND MEMBER SUBSCRIBERS: (You do not need to be a member to order publications.) Our $10 information packet includes our State Law Chart, as well as statistics and readings about date and marital rape. A rare hardback edition of "License to Rape: Sexual Abuse of Wives" by David Finkelhor and Kersti Yllo (Holt, Rinehart) is available free with a $25 membership/subscription. Regular individual membership/subscription is $15 or $30 for organizations.

About Laura X, Founder/Director General Internship Information and FAQ
About the Speaking Program Announcement of Internships
Who We Are and What We Do Journalism Internship
Join Our Membership Network Law and Criminology Internship
Women's History Month Origins Psychology/Counseling Internship

Reasons why law students do and would enjoy working as volunteer interns at the National Clearinghouse on Marital and Date Rape / Women's History Research Center (Berkeley)

Help us celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the Women's History Library
Our Successful Campaign Against Mexico Spousal Rape
Sol Wachtler - Learn about the judge who overturned the marital rape exemption in New York in 1984
Excerpt from "King of the Mountain," a biography of Sol Wachtler
Slavery Issues/Essie's Run on the Underground Railroad
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