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Law and Criminology


Objective: To provide training and development of skills in providing resources to victims of marital, date and cohabitant rape; to provide resources to sociologists, social workers, law students, lawyers, district attorneys, public defenders, legal aid attorneys, attorney generals, criminologists, political scientists, legislators, health workers, students, reporters, librarians, researchers, rape crisis center staffs, hospital staffs, prison reform workers, NOW chapters and others.

Duties, Responsibilities: 1) Staffing of 16-hours telephone information & referral service, 2) Cataloging, shelving, & filing incoming data & resources. 3) Publicity: a) correspondence b) composing brochures, attending conferences such as the American Society of Criminologists Conference, participating in Domestic Violence Seminars, 4) Individual projects to be arranged by the intern and supervisor (e.g. specializes in a particular topic, research for a particular trial or legislative campaign).

 Other Required Components: 2 hours/week of staff meeting required: weekly one-to-one consultation with Director of project: 2 hours/week of peer supervision group.

Training & Orientation Provided: Two weeks intensive training period provided for acquiring new duties on a step-by-step basis.

Process of Evaluation: Peer supervision group meets weekly to provide ongoing evaluation; evaluations are an outgrowth of these meetings; conferences with faculty sponsor can be arranged by appointment.

Application Process:

Contact Laura X
Director of the National Clearinghouse on Marital and Date Rape
(address deleted 11/25/2005)
Prescreening by telephone: Personal interview by appointment;
Completion of two weeks training

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