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Celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the Women's History Library

with the people who have brought you many "firsts": Women's Songbook; Female Artists, Past and Present; Films by and/or about Women; Bibliography on Rape; Women and Religion Bibliography; and brought International Women's Day back to the streets on March 8, 1969 and built the idea of March as National Women's History Month around it.

The Library's vast network and mostly volunteer staff in Berkeley gathered nearly a million documents on the changing lives of women from 1968-1974, including the only comprehensive records of our movement, nationally and internationally.

are now available on microfilm from the National Women's History Project (the great people in Winsor, California who made Congress make National Women's History Month official, and provide resources year-round.) Your librarian and you may call (707) 838-6000.

Celebrate the 20th Anniversary
of the National Clearinghouse on Marital and Date Rape

which was the name given to the Women's History Library's activists and collections on Rape and Battered Women.

In 1978, educational campaigns were launched on college campuses and through professional associations at a time when there were 47 States where marital rape was not a crime and 5 states where date rape was not a crime. Since we won in North Carolina in the Summer of 1993, there is no state left where marital or date rape is not a crime (if force is used.)

But laws are only one step to gain our entitlement to our own bodies and opinions! In fact, the name of the speaking program of our Library and Clearinghouse director, Laura X, is "The Social, Historical, Political and Psychological Meaning of Date and Marital Rape."

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